A TEENAGER from Penarth has released his debut EP.

Former Albert Primary and Stanwell School pupil Joe Valek released the three-track record 'Ain’t All That' last month, as he continues to develop his own unique sound ahead of starting a degree in music production and sound engineering in September.

The 19-year-old said: “I’m really excited about the new music, which focuses on sampling and sound manipulation.

“I’m developing my own sound, and experimenting with production techniques – I hope it’s an interesting listening experience.”

Mr Valek, who previously volunteered at Llandough Hospital’s Rookwood Sound radio station and co-ordinated Radio Stanwell in 2015-16, has also taught music technology classes for Reid’s Digital Music in local schools including Albert and Fairfield Primaries.

He took a year out after his A-Levels to travel and to work on his sound ahead of his degree course in Bristol, and 'Ain’t All That' is the result of several months’ work.

“Track one is called My Darling and is quite dancy, with a simple drum beat, rolling bass and pitched vocals,” he explained.

“Track two, called 9 out of 4, is more experimental, sampling a piece of classical guitar, with unusual 9/8 time signature, hip hop drums, deep bass and jazzy piano.

“I made track three, Doing it Right, with a friend from school. It’s full of good vibes and is proving to be the most popular track on the EP.”

He is now looking to broaden his work by focusing on recording live sound and working with singers and bands, as well as creating longer and more complex compositions.

You can listen to 'Ain’t All That' at soundcloud.com/wafrojoe, or download it for free at wafro.bandcamp.com