SULLY and Lavernock Community councillors clashed with members of the public at a fiery meeting on Tuesday evening, as residents called for the council to disband following a series of recent debacles.

Attendees attacked the council over their handling of a matter regarding the council clerk, who has been suspended on full pay since September following allegations of improper conduct.

The clerk, David Roberts, is currently the subject of an external investigation after evidence that he had been dismissed from a previous role, incomplete draft ‘invoices’ and adult images were allegedly found on his work computer.

Residents have grown frustrated at the length of time the matter has taken, and a number were also outraged after hearing councillors had voted not to involve police in the investigation.

There was also dissatisfaction at the council’s handling of other issues, including councillors’ admission they had no idea if any of their assets were currently insured as the paperwork had been lost.

They further acknowledged the assets list they did have was at least five years out of date, and valued the council’s belongings at Jubilee Hall to be worth only £300.

A number of councillors also admitted to having not read the agenda before the meeting, or the list of standing orders needing approval sent out six months earlier.

Local resident Mike Fudge asked: “What is the point of this council? It is absurd and obscene that councillors voted against police action and members of this council should resign.

"The people of Rhoose had the right idea when they voted their council out.”

Rhoose Community Council was disbanded in 2016.

Cllr Steve Oaten, in his first meeting as a councillor, said: “It sticks in my throat that the public aren’t being told what is going on.”

Cllr Ken Jones accused members of the public of “spreading lies” about the clerk, while Cllr Lino Scaglioni questioned the validity of Penarth Times’ original story.

But councillors Ian Barlow and chairman Rod Thomas both said they appreciated concerns and were progressing the matter as fast as possible.

The council refused to comment on the case specifics with Cllr Thomas saying they had a “duty to protect the clerk,” during the investigation.