TRAVELLERS who set up camp at the Cliff Top car park in Penarth last Sunday are likely to be removed before the weekend, according to the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

At least seven vehicles arrived at the site on Sunday, April 8, and council employees are currently undertaking measures to have them evicted.

The group have been advised that their stay is "unauthorised, unlawful and will not be tolerated."

The police have been informed and the council’s legal team has already begun taking action to ensure they can be legally evicted, and are hopeful the matter will be concluded before the coming weekend.

The council are entitled to apply for a court order to forcibly remove travellers from the land if deemed necessary, as it is not classed as an authorised encampment.

South Wales Central AM Andrew RT Davies said "robust action" was required to remove the group.

"Public land is there for the enjoyment of everyone and an illegal occupation of this nature is completely unacceptable.

"Such behaviour cannot be tolerated and it is vital these trespassers are removed as soon as possible.

"Tough action must be taken and an example made, so that we can deter similar camps from being set up across the Vale."

Six caravans had to be evicted from the car park in April 2016, with the council being forced to close off the car park for six days.

On that occasion, South Wales Police and council representatives liaised with the group over several days and had commenced legal action after they missed a deadline to leave the site, although the vehicles then departed the following morning.

Once the necessary legal process has been followed, the travellers will be given a deadline by which to leave the site.

In the meantime, signs have been erected informing the public of the situation and the car park is currently closed.

Cllr John Thomas, leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, said: “The occupation of council land in this way is completely unacceptable.

"The area was not designed for this purpose and the presence of this group is preventing other law-abiding residents from using it.

“We are taking this matter extremely seriously and are doing everything possible to ensure it can be resolved as quickly as possible.”

Local policing inspector David Barclay said: “South Wales Police is aware of concerns regarding travellers at Clifftop Parade and is working with the Vale of Glamorgan Council to appropriately manage the situation.”