TRAVELLERS who had occupied the Cliff Top car park in Penarth since last Sunday have now departed.

The group were evicted from the site by the Vale of Glamorgan Council on Friday morning, supported by South Wales Police, before briefly setting up camp outside Penarth Leisure Centre in Cogan.

But they were again moved on by the council this afternoon and have now left the town.

Several bin lorries were seen clearing mess left at the site earlier on today.

At least seven caravans arrived to set up the Cliff Top encampment last weekend, with the council being forced to close the car park on Monday.

While the car park is council property and fully accessible to the public free of charge, the group were classed as trespassers as parking is restricted to a maximum two-hour stay.

Travellers previously established a base at the Cliff Top car park in April 2016, however it is not known if the most recent occupiers are from the same group.

Vale of Glamorgan Council leader, Cllr John Thomas, said: “The occupation of council land in this way is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

“As soon as we became aware of this situation, prompt action was taken to ensure this group were removed at the earliest opportunity.”