RECEPTION pupils at Albert Primary School got a hands-on experience with some exotic animals recently.

The children had a visit from Animal Zone UK where they were introduced to a variety of wild animals, including snakes, toads, lizards and spiders.

Animal Zone UK is a company which aims provide education, interaction to promote the welfare of exotic animals in captivity.

Pupils were inspired by the visit and had lots of ideas of what they would like to discover during their new school topic about wildlife.

A spokeswoman at the school said: "An immersion day is where pupils have a multi-sensory experience of their new topic.

"This collaborative learning enables both the pupil and staff to apply the curriculum in a highly creative way whilst ensuring that pupils have a clear understanding of their own learning.

"Albert Primary School always looks at ways to make the curriculum more exciting and engaging for its children.

"Through utilising and harnessing both staff and pupil imagination, immersion days certainly help to bring learning alive through engaging, relevant, hands-on and creative activities."