COUNCILLOR asks for area to be covered by special police rules as it gets "growing anti-social behaviour".

Last year the Vale County Council did not include the Murch Field within a list of public areas that were covered by special police rules. However, community Cllr Richard Grigg of Dinas Powys Community Council is calling for the county council to take action.

Cllr Grigg said he was very concerned about the "failure to support residents and users of the centre and grounds." He said he welcomed recent involvement with the police but stressed it was important for Vale County Council to act.

He said: “Last year Plaid wrote expressing concern about the failure into introduce an ‘Alcohol Exclusion Zone’ at the Murch Field, Dinas Powys. A long list of sites were to be covered by this protection by Cabinet but not the Murch Field despite a request from the hard working volunteers who operate the Murch Community Centre and the associated activities based at the centre.

"We understood that this would be reviewed this year. However so far nothing has been done. We are now faced with a growing anti social behaviour in the area."

He added: "For two nights running the centre car park has experienced a significant number of young drivers using in the car park. They are not using the hall, or the field or the courts. The resultant litter adds to the burden of the volunteers struggling to develop the centre. There were again problems on Saturday night.

"It has been a long standing wish that the Vale of Glamorgan stresses that the car park is for the use of people visiting the hall and other facilities.

"The volunteers are unhappy with the current situation and ask that the authority responds positively to their concerns.”