RESIDENTS on a Penarth street have said they are “tired of the council messing them around” with ongoing work to a cycle path on the road outside their properties.

Mark and Mo Martin, who have lived on Lavernock Road for 17 years, had their evergreen hedge cut back as part of the plans to create a specific cycle path, as it was overhanging the pavement by 40cm.

However, the couple are angry as evergreens do not re-grow their leaves and the hedge has been trimmed back nearly all the way to the top, meaning they will not be able to cover it with a fence.

Mr Martin said: “It has been cut back by the Vale of Glamorgan as part of their £250 thousand pound cycle path project

“The hedge was actually overhanging the pavement by an illegal 40cm, and its removal means the pavement width wills now be a generous 60cm wider than the required 3.5m.”

The Martins and their neighbour Jon Dewis say they are also concerned about the path not having correct markings or proper lighting.

Mr Dewis said: “Before this work was done there used to be give way signs for cyclists at every household entrance and driveway, but we have been told these will not be replaced.

“I have been hit a few times by cyclists in the dark. You are going to have situations in the winter where school children may be cycling back from school on the carriageway where they can’t see the kerb stop. It’s just dangerous.”

A Vale council spokesperson said: “Overhanging branches along Lavernock Road were obstructing the cycle path causing hazards for users so needed to be cut back for safety reasons.

“Residents have a responsibility to maintain vegetation on their properties, but in this case the council discussed cutting back hedges with home owners and undertook the work without charge. Before the cycle path is operational, it will be comprehensively safety audited to ensure it is fit for purpose.”