IN the same week a campaign to make Penarth a plastic free town was launched, a local cafe has revealed plans to reduce their use of single use plastic items.

The Busy Teapot's owners Adrian and Martin Shaw said they were inspired to become plastic free after being shocked by scenes in David Attenborough's Blue Planet II series which showed horrifying scenes demonstrating the damage plastic was doing to our oceans and marine wildlife.

“We felt a huge sense of guilt that we as parents were contributing to and handing over a planet full of this destructive material for our children to try and sort out,” they said.

Tracey Alexander of Penarth Town Trust, a local charity that promotes the Natural Environment in everyday thinking, is a regular at the cafe.

“We - the Penarth Town Trust - had heard about several community initiatives around Wales that were trying to make a difference and cut down on their use of plastic.

“We recently had a meeting with Natural Weigh in Crickhowell who are a zero plastic package store.

"Customers weigh food and can buy or use their own containers to fill up.

“We would really like to use this concept here in Penarth and are looking at ways in which we can deliver this should we be able to acquire a project building.”

Penarth Town Trust have welcomed Gwyrddio Penarth Greening's (GPG) initiative.

The official launch of the GPG Plastic Free Penarth took place last week.

Anthony Slaughter, head of the campaign, said he was delighted to see many faces at the meeting and there were speeches from different groups.

Mr Slaughter said: “We were very pleased with the high level of interest and support from the many active local groups and are looking forward to working together with the community on this vital campaign.”

GPG chairman Gideon Calder added: “The meeting was a productive and highly encouraging start to a campaign which clearly resonates very strongly with Penarth residents.”

Plastic Free Penarth is now registered with the Plastic Free Coastline campaign.