What a beautiful bank holiday weekend we just had, and what an amazing day Sunday was!

As regular readers will know, I’m a huge Cardiff City fan, having supported them through thick and thin, having worked at the club in my youth, as a season-ticket holder for 31 years now, and as a current ambassador for the Cardiff City FC Foundation - the club’s official charity that helps children, young people and families across South Wales achieve their full potential.

So it is hard to put into words the absolute joy I and all my fellow fans are feeling, after the incredible achievement of everyone at the club on the weekend and throughout the season in securing promotion to the Premier League. I am quite simply, completely overjoyed.

It’s a truly fantastic achievement and deserved reward for everyone involved with the club and I would like to thank them all.

Firstly manager Neil Warnock – celebrating a record eighth promotion as a manager, and I’m so pleased this was one was with us!; all the players, a proper team not individual egos; the coaching and medical staff who’ve kept the promotion push going all season; the off-pitch team who have backed the club and kept the faith through these last few volatile years, people like Ken Choo, Mehmet Dalman, U-Peng, and local legend Steve Borley; and of course Vincent Tan – who realised he was wrong to change the colour, put it right, and has continued to invest and help us get where we now are, in the Premier League!

It’s all the sweeter this time around as we are in our rightful blue.

Heartfelt thanks to all of them, and to the Cardiff City fans who have known highs and lows too many to mention over the years!

Supporting Cardiff City has been a labour of love for so many of us, through good times and bad, and now we can relax for a short time ahead of next season.

Everyone in Cardiff and the surrounding areas can celebrate this achievement, whether football fans or not. The Premier League is the biggest, most popular league in the world, and being part of that once again will give the city and region a massive boost, and exposure to audiences across the globe.

I will do anything I can to work with the Club and Cardiff Council to make sure we all make the most of this remarkable opportunity.