PASSENGERS no longer able to access public transport in Penarth are praising a volunteer minibus driver.

Every Thursday for the last four years Paul Morris, a volunteer with East Vale Community Transport (EVCT), has taken groups of people in an EVCT minibus from Llandough to shop at local supermarkets.

Mr Morris takes the blue EVCT minibus on two circuitous routes around the estate off Penlan Road collecting passengers from their houses.

The first journey takes a group to Tesco at Cogan. Then Mr Morris is off round the houses again to collect a second group, leaving some at Asda in Ferry Road and returning to Tesco. The remaining passengers disembark and the driver then assists in loading the bags of the first group whom he takes home.

His passengers, who are no longer able to access public transport, are full of praise for him. Passengers have said Mr Morris has helped them keep their independence and he also helps them load and unload their shopping.

Llandough Community Council set up the “Llandough Shopper” with the services of EVCT, the Penarth-based charity, in 2004.

On the retirement of the original drivers, John Huish and Clive Carryet, in 2014, Mr Morris volunteered to maintain the invaluable service.

“I thoroughly enjoy the run,” he said.

"My passengers are good friends. I would recommend anyone with a little time to spare to consider volunteering as a driver with EVCT. You don’t have to commit to a regular time but the more drivers we have the more people we can help to get out and about.”

East Vale Community Transport, based in Penarth, offers wheelchair-friendly minibus transport to anyone with a need in the eastern Vale. To find out more, contact EVCT, phone 02920 705138 or email