FRIENDS of St Augustine's Penarth are appealing for present day family members of 207 men who are on the roll of honours plaque outside the church to get in touch.

In 2013, the Penarth Times reported that the committee of St Augustine's were seeking more information about the men and have since been working with many families to gather information about men in Penarth who died in the First World War.

The Roll of Honour, on the west wall of St Augustine's Church, was commissioned to commemorate the dead of Penarth from the First World War and was unveiled in 1920.

Money was raised by the church and others to have the roll re-gilded and since it has been, the Roll of Honour Project Team have been speaking to those who are present day family members of the men on the list.

A spokesman for St Augustine's Church in Penarth said: "For the last four years the Roll of Honour Project Team, together with 21st Century family members, has been investigating the lives of these men in Penarth, before they went to war.

"For example, the niece of Thomas Cox has been in touch. She says that Thomas was known as Harry in the family. Together with his seven siblings, he lived with his parents, Charles and Lena Cox, in Windsor Terrace.

"He did exceedingly well at Penarth County School (now Stanwell School). Young Harry was good at sport, he was a boy scout and a Sunday school teacher. He was awarded an entrance scholarship to University College Cardiff where he graduated with honours. He had hoped to become a civil engineer.

"Harry was killed in action, aged 22."

The Project Team are recording stories such as the above, and want to get as many as possible.

The Team would like to to hear from present-day family members who have not already been in touch.

Contact or phone 2115 2723.