WHETHER you are a Union Jack waving, Royal Family memorabilia collecting, devoted Royalist or a staunch and steadfast Republican, for better or worse, love them or loathe them, you can surely not fail to know that Saturday, May 19 sees His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, aka Harry, marry Ms Meghan Markle.

She appeals to me for many reasons besides the alliteration of her name, which any regular readers will know, I’m a fan of a little alliteration to pepper up a piece.

There’s her work with World Vision, specifically around female menstrual health. Not always perceived as a glamour topic, but my goodness, a massive issue linked with poverty, education and health in the UK and abroad, plus her advocating of women’s rights to have a voice and role in politics.

There is her acting career. I confess I haven’t seen ‘Suits’ but my friend Amanda got quite hooked at one point.

There is her poise and charm and eloquence, this woman can talk and when she does she is interesting and sounds informed.

She is from what I can tell, an accomplished, hard-working, bright person who will soon breeze in to one of the oldest institutions in the world.

I know people who are irritated by the impending all day TV coverage to the point of sulky snarkiness. I know people who couldn't care less whether two people get married in Windsor anymore than they couldn't care less about any other number of nuptials that may be taking place on that day.

I know people who snipe about the cost and I don’t dismiss this.

But, for one day, my friends and our assorted offspring have a plan and aren’t considering these naysayers. Starting with bubbles and blinis, we’ll continue on through crustless sandwiches, scones and an assortment of tea and cakes.

We’ll squeal in a way that women of our age probably shouldn’t. We will ‘Oooh’ at the dress and go all giddy when Harry turns at the altar and beams, glimpsing his bride-to-be and there will be a collective sigh in the room when they’re proclaimed married.

I don’t know that any of us are fervent Royalists, but for me a Royal wedding is a moment in history, a chance for the country to celebrate, a pledge of hope, a leap of faith, a case of optimism over experience perhaps, but above all in the midst of all manner of grim goings on around poverty, crime, inequalities and myriad other tales of doom on the news and sometimes in our own lives, it is a pause.

For I and most people I know the ship has sailed on any belief in Prince Charming galloping down Windsor Terrace to whisk us off to a fairytale happy ending, but I do believe in love, hope, friends, family and on May 19, for me, that is why I shall be munching cake and cheering the happy couple on.