A NEW chairman has been elected for Dinas Powys Community Council.

Community councillors unanimously elected Cllr Steve Thomas to be chair of the council for the next 12 months.

Cllr Thomas stated that he hoped that a sense of "harmony and endeavour" would prevail in the council with everyone "working to the best of their ability to ensure the best outcomes for the village"

He said he will encourage the council to address big issues such as the bypass, housing and the local infrastructure as well as other matters including fly tipping, inconsiderate parking and anti-social behaviour within the village.

Finally the chairman wished the best to all the organisations who work hard to improve the quality of life in the village andall those who volunteer in the many clubs, teams and societies.

Retiring chair councillor Andy Robertson was congratulated for his service over the last year.

In proposing a vote of thanks, Cllr Chris Franks said that it could have been a difficult year. He said: “There was a new council, with a lot of new faces elected and we had a new clerk. We all appreciated your commitment to ensure that the last year was a success."

Cllr John Fanshaw was elected as vice chairman. He is also the chairman of Dinas Powys Voluntary Concern, chair of Murch Community Centre and church warden.