RESIDENTS may have noticed that Seabreeze Homes, one of Penarth’s independent local estate agents, now has the Shop Penarth logo on their For Sale signs.

Nigel Read, who started the business in 1999, is a great fan of the Shop Penarth scheme which he sees an important means of ensuring the survival of local, independent businesses in the town.

The Shop Penarth scheme was relaunched in September 2017 and aims to support local businesses in order to keep jobs in the area, keep money circulating in the local economy and make the town more sustainable for the future.

Speaking about supporting the campaign, Mr Read said: "My job is about making people’s dreams come true. I love working in Penarth and being part of Shop Penarth enables me to work with our community in a positive and rewarding way.

"I very much hope that other independent estate agents in the town will follow our lead and join the scheme – together we can achieve more.”

Shop Penarth scheme organisers say they are equally pleased to have Seabreeze Homes on their list of 55 businesses working with the scheme.

Tricia Griffiths, of Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (GPG) said: “Looking at our list of members it’s a bit like the card game Happy Families. They represent almost every type of business from shoe menders, a dental practice, food shops to gift shops and a local solicitor.

"Having Seabreeze on board is an excellent start to our drive to extend the scheme to any local service, providing it is based in Penarth and independent."

Any local business wanting to join the Shop Penarth Scheme should email for further details or phone Tricia on 02920 707828.