A DINAS Powys resident has said he is hoping CCTV won’t have to be put up in his village to monitor its defibrillators after one was stolen overnight.

Kevin Fowler, a local builder and ex-president of Dinas Powys Rotary Club, said the community’s newest defibrillator - which was installed in April outside Castle Court Dental Practice - was stolen one night at the beginning of June.

Mr Fowler posted his anger on the Facebook group Dinas Powys Pictures, with the post being shared more than 480 times and residents sharing their disgust and upset.

On the post, the 64-year-old said: “It only has a use as a medical aid so why steal it? It’s just so sad.”

The defibrillator was found later on the next day undamaged and intact. But now the Dinas Powys Women’s Institute - who raise funds for defibrillators in the village - and other members of the community say it might be necessary to install CCTV.

“Looking back, it was probably some young people messing around but defibrillators are important pieces of equipment,” said Mr Fowler.

“Someone has offered to put up CCTV by the dental practice to keep an eye on the defibrillator.

“It will be sad to have to do that.

“However, there has been a positive from a negative which was people reacting to it quite quickly and sharing their frustration.”

At the moment, Dinas Powys has three defibrillators in the village, with fundraisers being held later this year to raise money for a fourth one at The Three Horseshoes pub in Station Road.

“It’s there to save someone’s life,” said Mr Fowler.

“The one outside the Star Inn was used in the first seven days it was put up and it saved a man’s life then.”