A SINGLE dad with kidney failure says he is desperate to find housing for him and his four-year-old boy before "time runs out".

Sion Blunt, of Penarth, said he has lived in his house in the town for four years, but was informed earlier this year that he has to move out by the middle of July as his landlord is selling the property.

The 30-year-old says he has been desperately trying to find new accommodation for him and his son, but has been finding it difficult. He now fears he could be homeless in several weeks time.

The dad also has kidney failure and is on dialysis four times a day, which means he needs a house or flat with enough storage for his equipment.

"It has been a bit of a nightmare," said Mr Blunt.

"I found the house I am in at the moment when my son was a month old. It was all happy days and everything and then two months ago the agency rang and said the landlord wants to settle up so they issued a section 21 notice.

"It's been trying to find a new property and everything we have is packed but there is nowhere for it - and us to go."

Mr Blunt said he was tried putting a deposit down on several properties in both Penarth and Barry, but he has either been rejected or the property has been snapped up. The 30-year-old said that he has been in touch with the council but there has been nothing suitable that has come up for him.

"It just doesn't seem like they're helping," said Mr Blunt.

"I had a meeting around three weeks ago and told them about being on dialysis and being the full-time carer of my son. They put me on bronze but now I am on silver plus.

"I just want to find somewhere to stop worrying really."

Mr Blunt said the Vale of Glamorgan council informed him that if he can't find a property by July 19, they will put him in a hostel costing £162 a month. However, Mr Blunt and his family have concerns as he won't be able to have his dialysis in the hostel - as it has to be a sterile environment, and there will be no room for his dialysis equipment either.

"The council said they wouldn't know how I would do my dialysis as it would just be a room with a bed," said Mr Blunt.

"I have to have a fully clean and sterile environment and there would be no room to store anything. I do my dialysis four times a day and it's not going be ideal in a hostel."

The scenario has also had an effect on Mr Blunt's four-year-old boy, who goes to nursery in Penarth.

"It's stressful, and my little boy is up the air about it all too," said Mr Blunt.

"He's in school and he's excelling as well, so I don't want to move him. He's in nursery and he loves it.

"This whole situation is affecting him as much as it is me. I've messaged my little boy's mum saying she will have to look after him if I end up being homeless.

"At the moment I just have nowhere else to go."

A Vale of Glamorgan council spokesman said: “The council is working with Mr Blunt to resolve his housing difficulties through the private rented sector to avoid the need for temporary accommodation.

"We will work with him and his medical specialists to identify suitable temporary accommodation if this proves necessary.”