A MUM-of-two is campaigning to get the government to allow her to ill daughter to access cannabis oil.

The treatment is currently banned in the UK, but mum Kelly O'Neill is determined to turn the ban around so her severely epileptic daughter can use THC cannabis oil.

The 43-year-old, who used to live in Sully and whose daughter attended Stanwell High School in Penarth, said the treatment will be able to completely turn around her daughter's life.

Miss O'Neill now lives in Cornwall with her two children and said her 24-year-old daughter Danielle Broad has been struggling with autoimmune responsive epilepsy, meaning that she can experience more than 20 types of seizures.

Miss Broad's sister, Cerys Broad, 15, also has the same condition.

Speaking about the conditions and how she is campaigning to make cannabis oil available, Miss O'Neill said: "I have two daughters that could have a much greater quality of life if they could get access to the oil.

"The way they treat epilepsy in the NHS is just unbelievable. Danielle recently had to be restrained in an ambulance because of the seizure she was having. When she has seizures she goes into overdrive and she gets a huge hit of adrenaline.

"The medication she is currently on is just making things worse. It is horrible."

Miss O'Neill said her daughter has been on the legal Cannabidiol oil - otherwise known as CBD - for 18 months, which has made a "massive difference" and helped her more than the anti-epilepsy medication.

"She has been volunteering at a charity shop part time and its boosted her confidence loads," said Miss O'Neill.

"I would say the CBD oil has made an 80 per cent difference to the quality of her life. Her anti-epilepsy medication has been causing more seizures when she is on them."

The 43-year-old mum has set up a petition to raise awareness of the difference cannabis oil can make to children and young adults with epilepsy.

"I'm determined to make a difference for my girls and also other families going through a similar situation," she said.

So far, Miss O'Neill's petition Immediate Action Needed for the Dignity and Freedom of Epilepsy Sufferers has had more than 8,500 signatures.

She has also set up a support group on Facebook called E.P.I.C Epilepsy Patients in Need of Cannabis.

For more information, search for the group on Facebook or visit goo.gl/HnBii8 for the petition.