A RUGBY player says he wants to help raise money for a memorial that will be dedicated to veterans from across the Vale of Glamorgan.

Joel Ringer, who has previously played for the Cardiff Blues, said he saw the campaign which was set up by Sian Woodland in the Penarth Times and wanted to help.

The 21-year-old reached out through his contacts and has managed to get a signed photo of Welsh band The Stereophonics. The item will be auctioned off and the money be added to the memorial fund.

Speaking about the memorial, Mr Ringer said: "I’d like to think it would be a place of sanctuary for those who have lost their loved one - these families can lose their children, siblings, spouses/significant others, nephews/nieces, and me personally not having to deal with such a terrible bereavement as of yet; couldn’t imagine the distress and pain it would cause.

"So I feel if we could construct a new memorial for all of our fallen local heroes, their families could have a place other than their grave or an urn to visit and feel comfort and solace with others.

"Our armed forces are something I definitely feel passionate about, and in this day and age in the UK, I feel we are so privileged for the most part in the way things are laid out for us that we may sometimes forget what the people of our armed forces have to go through to keep us safe."

Mr Ringer will be auctioning off the signed and framed photograph in a few weeks time and is also looking to get more merchandise to auction off.

All the money raised will go to the memorial, which once funded, will be placed in Alexandra Park. It aims to honour all men and women across the Vale of Glamorgan who died in combat or training for combat since the Second World War.

The campaign is headed by Sian Woodland, of Penarth, who lost her fiancé Paul Woodland in 2012 after he died in a training accident in the Royal Marines.

Miss Woodland has so far had around £9,500 donated to the memorial, which will cost £17,500 in total.

To get involved with the fundraiser, email sian.woodland@yahoo.com or call 07957377866.

To donate to the memorial fundraiser, visit justgiving.com/crowding/vog-memorial.