THE Penarth Times and Barry and District News reporters are now fully-fledged Dementia Friends.

Sharon Harris and Alice Rose, who work for both newspapers, are part of the Dementia Friendly Penarth campaign and were able to take things a step further last week.

They were met by Philip Batchelor, the chairman of the Dementia Friendly Penarth Steering Group, who led them in a session which helped them learn how to help those who have the disease.

In the Dementia Friend session, the two reporters were taught about how dementia effects a person, the various types of dementia and signs to look out for.

Speaking after the session, reporter Alice said: "It was really helpful in providing awareness of the disease. Becoming a dementia friend also means you can deliver the session to others and spread the word. If anything, it will help people - especially those who work in public services - learn how to treat customers or clients with dementia."

The Dementia Friendly Penarth campaign launched in May this year and many businesses are now onboard.

The steering group is made up of several members of various organisations, including the Alzheimer’s Society, who want to make people aware of how small changes we can all can make in the community can help those who have the disease, as well as their families and carers.

Philip Batchelor started up the group in September 2017 and has been working across various areas in the Vale of Glamorgan, but is now focusing in on the town of Penarth.

Mr Batchelor is the owner of senior care business Home Instead, which provides home care for people in Penarth, Barry, Cardiff and surrounding areas.

The business owner said he has seen an improvement already in Penarth after teaching local businesses about dementia and how to help those with it.

Mr Batchelor said: "One of the businesses - Umpa Lumpa Sweet Shop - got in touch after a piece in the Penarth Times and said that a couple of women brought their husbands with dementia into the sweet shop after reading the article. They said their husbands really enjoyed it because of the old fashioned sweets and packaging."

If you would like to get involved in our campaign, please contact the newsdesk on 01633 777011 or send an email to