YEAR FIVE pupils from Albert Primary School had a spicy learning experience last week.

As part of their science topic, they took part in something a chilli workshop with Dan Sadler from Chilli of the Valley.

Dan the Chilli Man is an expert chilliologist who grows most of his chillies in the Welsh Valleys, with many of them ranging from the world's hottest to the rare and weird.

He arrived at the school with a big box of chillies and told the pupils about how the peppers grow and passed around pots of fertilizer, clay balls and pearlite.

After this the students got to see which part of the chilli is the hottest and they discovered that it is not the seed but the placenta around the seeds as it has highest concentration of capsaicin.

The pupils also discovered how the heat of chillies is measured using the Scoville scale and who Wilbur Scoville was.

Each student got to try a range of different chillies, including a jalapeno, pink tiger, habanero and the King Naga chilli.

The final part of the workshop saw both two teachers take on the ultimate chilli challenge.

Dan the Chilli Man also left the Y5 pupils with their own chilli pants to grow.

A spokesman from the school said: "All of Year 5 would like to thank Dan for an amazing experience and mouth tingling experience."