THIS week's From the Archive looks at an image of Penarth Town Station from 1960.

The station was built for the Cardiff, Penarth and Barry Junction Railway and was opened in 1878 as part of the company’s new line to Lavernock. This was a continuation of the Taff Vale Railway, Penarth extension which gave the town its first rail link to Cardiff.

The station attracted a large holiday and weekend use from Penarth to the beaches at Lavernock and Barry Island with steam trains running every thirty minutes from 7.15am until 11.45pm in both directions.

The station also had a sizeable amount of commuter traffic heading for Cardiff and beyond. In 1968 under the Beaching review the passenger service west of Penarth was withdrawn.

Thanks to Richard Walliker and Andrew Coslett of the Images of Bygone Penarth Facebook page for providing us with this image.