THIS week the 20’s Plenty for Sully group has submitted a petition of more than 700 signatures to the Vale of Glamorgan Council asking for a reduction in the speed limit across Sully and Swanbridge.

The petition has been supported by many local residents and the group believe that, if implemented, a 20mph speed limit would not just reduce the average speed throughout the area but also improve road safety, encourage active travel and help to better manage traffic levels.

The campaign has been coordinated by Kaarina Ruta who lives in Sully with her husband and young family.

Speaking about the level of support the campaign has had, Ms Ruta said: “Many Sully residents have openly expressed their concerns to us about the growing local traffic problem and the danger that it presents.

“With the potential of another 1,000 homes being added to the village the situation will only get worse unless the Vale of Glamorgan Council takes positive action to help address the issue.

“Introducing a 20mph speed limit across the village would be a step in the right direction.

“The 20’s Plenty for Sully group is delighted at the local support and positive feedback that it has received during the campaign.

“We would like to thank everyone who has signed the petition and those who have encouraged us with kind words in the past few weeks.”

The 20’s Plenty for Sully campaign has helped deliver a local debate on road safety issues.

In doing this the group previously ran a public meeting that was supported by Public Health Wales; it has canvassed public opinion across the village – particularly along South Road and Cog Road. It has also attended community events and engaged with local councillors and assembly members.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council meeting took place yesterday (WEDS) at the Civic Offices in Barry.

The hope of the 20’s Plenty for Sully group is that the petition will encourage the Vale of Glamorgan Council to follow in the footsteps of their neighbours in Cardiff who since rolling out such schemes have seen average traffic speeds fall by 4.5 mph.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign in May this year, Rod King, founder and campaign director for the 20’s Plenty For Us’ said: “Over 15 million British people now live on 20mph roads.

“Visiting Sully and Swanbridge today, it is not difficult to see why the group is passionate to see a change to 20mph for their community.”