A WOMAN who came to the UK from France during the second world war has written a book of her memories.

Marion Avon, of Holmesdale Place, Penarth, travelled to the UK from her home in Marseilles when she was just 10-years-old due to the outbreak of war.

She said she has many memories of her family struggling with money and accommodation, eventually ending up in Penarth. Over the years she said her family encouraged her to write a book of her memories, which led to her memoir ‘Before and After 1940’.

Last year, the 87-year-old had an operation to remove her colon after being diagnosed with colon cancer.

After publishing her book in September last year, donations from every copy she sold amounted to more than £1,200, which was then donated to the Duthie Ward at the University Hospital of Wales to thank the surgeons and doctors.

Mrs Avon said: “They were amazing and I wanted to give something back. I wanted to thank my surgeon James Horwood and his special team who saved my life.

“It was my children who encouraged me to write the book about my memories. The main one about is coming across to England from France and arriving in Liverpool, looking an absolute mess.

“I remember so much about Penarth and have so many memories.”

Mrs Avon has two children and four grandchildren and said she is grateful she can spend more time with them thanks to the staff at the University of Wales Hospital.

She said she published around 250 copies and she now has less than 10 left as they have proven so popular.

“I told everyone about publishing the book and then everyone I knew wanted a copy, it just spiralled from there,” Mrs Avon said.

“I had started writing it more than 17-years-ago before my husband Bill died.

“I am glad it has been so popular with people and I am glad to have raised the money for the hospital. I’m grateful to them for all they did for me.”

If you are interested in reading Mrs Avon’s book or would like a copy, contact penarthtimes@pe narthtimes.co.uk