THIS week's From the Archive shows a rare photo of picture of Windsor Road, Penarth, ahead of the Second World War.

With its busy commercial docks and the proximity to Cardiff Docks and steelworks, Penarth became a target for Nazi German bombing raids during the Second World War. The air raids started in 1941 and continued almost constantly for the next four years. The town had its own Home Guard detachment as well.

As many Penarth homes has traditional Victorian iron railings in their front gardens, these were taken as scrap metals were needed to build tanks and aircraft. Even the All Saints Church in Victoria Square lost its ornate gates and the railing fence that surrounded the green.

Due to strict wartime food rationing, parks, front gardens and other open spaces were dug up and converted to allotments.

Thanks to Ian Clarke and Andrew Coslett for providing us with this postcard.