A MARIE Curie healthcare assistant, who has joined a fundraising group raising money in memory of a former patient, has spoken of her inspirations to take on running.

Pamela Jones, who has been a healthcare assistant at the Marie Curie Cardiff and the Vale Hospice in Penarth since 2016, is now set to take on the Cardiff 10k in September to raise funds for the charity.

She began running earlier this year, having found herself with excess energy after taking on a healthier lifestyle.

The 53-year-old has since started reading a book – Irongran by Edwina Brockleby – which she says has been a real inspiration to continue running.

“She ran her first marathon at the age of 50, so reading it is quite motivational,” she said.

“My sister runs – she’s 18 months older than me – and she races as opposed to jogging, and I thought if she can do it, I’m sure I can.”

Soon Ms Jones had signed up to the Race for Life, and after taking on the Porthcawl Park Run 5k in 37 minutes, decided to challenge herself further – and signed up for the Cardiff 10k.

She decided she would fundraise for Pete’s Flatbeer Fundraisers as part of the challenge.

The group, which raises money for the charity’s Cardiff and the Vale Hospice in Penarth, was set up by actress Ri Richards along with her friends and family, following the death of her husband Pete at the hospice in November 2016.

“I just needed to focus it on something and we’re always looking for an opportunity to help raise cash and thought it was a good idea there was that as the focus,” said the 53-year-old.

Ms Jones, who is currently running three times a week, is now looking for support for her 10k run on September 2, and says she always thinks of the people she has cared for during her runs.

She said: “People ask me why I’m doing it, and it’s because I can, I am very lucky. One day I might not be able to.

“Working here makes you put perspective on life.”

To support Ms Jones and the Flatbeer Fundraising team, visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/petes-flatbeer-fundraisers-2017