A MAN who describes himself as a “strong and devoted Penarthian” said he is sick and tired of seeing rubbish being dumped near his home says that something more needs to be done.

The 64-year-old, who does not wish to be named, said that he regularly walks on Lavernock Rock around the St Mary’s Well Bay area in Sully and has seen fly-tipping build up over the years.

The man said he believes that the flytippers are people who must know the local area as the rubbish is left in open fields and farmland.

He said: “These areas are notorious places. The council don’t seem to do anything. It’s disgusting and its all household stuff that is left there. I’d say that I am a strong Penarthian and I hate seeing this around where I live.

“It’s a disgrace, there should be cameras set up there. It just seems like the council don’t seem to do anything.”

The 64-year-old said that when walking, he can sometimes go past four or five fields and there will be rubbish and items dumped in each one.

“It always seems to be on the edge of farmland and the fields,” he said.

“I don’t know what the farmers do when they find the rubbish there, if the have to clean it up themselves then that’s ridiculous.

“It’s been happening for a really long time now. Something needs to be done.”

There have been many reports of fly-tipping in and around Penarth, Cogan, Sully and Dinas Powys over the year - with Dinas Powys Community Councillor Andy Robertson also recently criticised local flytippers.

Speaking about the 64-year-old man’s accounts of fly-tipping in farmland and fields, a spokesman from the Vale of Glamorgan Council said: “The area in question is privately-owned land so responsibility for removing the waste lies with the landowner.

“However, council enforcement officers will visit the location in an effort to help address this issue.

“Fly-tipping is a crime and anyone found to be committing this type of offence could face serious consequences.

“These include being issued with a fixed penalty notice, prosecution, fines of up to £50,000 or even imprisonment.”

For more information on fly-tipping and how to report it, visit valeofglamorgan.gov.uk/en/living/Recycling-and-Waste/Fly-tipping.aspx