A MUSICIAN from Dinas Powys is celebrating getting through to semi-finals of a UK songwriting contest.

Joseph Pope, 38, entered the Official UK Songwriting Contest in the Instrumental Category and his piano solo After Sunset got him through to the semi-finals.

Mr Pope says he is part-time musician and got into music as a young boy when he starting playing with his late grandfather's casio keyboard.

The 38-year-old released his first EP called Mellow Moods in April this year. The EP is classed as easy listening music and has six songs altogether.

"I got into easy listening keyboard instrumental music as an experiment when I got positive reactions at various music venues that have pianos," said Mr Pope.

"Mellow Moods is the first EP I have released and it's been available on all digital platforms since April."

After recently finding out that he has gone through to the semi-finals, Mr Pope now has to wait until later this year to find out if he has become a finalist.

He said: "I am thrilled that I am through to the next judging stage of the competition as this is a new genre for me that I'm hoping to expand on more now. I will have to wait until November or December time to find out if I'm either a finalist or winner. If I'm not either I still get a semi final certificate for participation."

To listen to Mr Pope's EP, search for Mellow Moods on iTunes.