BIKE Shop staff are celebrating after they have expanded and opened up a new store.

The Bike Shop Wales in Penarth began six years ago on Upper Glebe Street in Penarth and has been successful enough to open up a new satellite store on the Cardiff Bay Barrage.

The new store is based at the Penarth end of the barrage and as well as its Glebe Street store it offers a variety of service and repair facilities.

Karey Sharp, owner of The Bike Shop Wales, said: “I am very excited to be expanding at such a significant time for cycling in South Wales.

“The number of people using cycling as their primary means of transportation is increasing week on week and myself and our team are proud to be able to provide the support that many will need to make the transition as smooth as possible.

“The recent introduction and now expansion of the Next Bike scheme in the area has introduced a great many newcomers to the idea of cycling.

“I expect this to contribute a great deal to the development of a culture of cycling in South Wales.”

The Bike Shop on the Barrage is open seven days a per week.

The winter hours will depend on the needs of those that use the location.