A GROUP of residents have spoken of their concern for the future of a well-known community venue.

Kim Herniman, Mary Gardner and Wendy Huxtable, all part of the Penarth Operatic and Dramatic Society, say they want to raise awareness of The Kymin, in the hope that more people will begin to use it.

The Kymin, in Beach Road, not far from the pier. It is available for hire as a wedding venue, as well as for other events.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council own the site, with Penarth Town Council handling its operation.

The Vale council is currently undertaking a “strategic review of assets” in the Vale, which includes the Kymin. The town council has stated that staff are waiting to be formally advised of what the Vale’s intentions are for the building and its grounds.

But Mrs Gardner, Mrs Herniman and Mrs Huxtable say they heard rumours it could be sold and say they want to ensure it is kept for the community use.

Mrs Herniman said: “It is a fantastic venue with lots to offer.

“The Kymin has children’s parties here, bowling outside, craft fairs and everything you can think of here. There are many rooms and there are wonderful grounds here as well.

“We have had my son’s wedding here and barbecues here. As members of PODS we have our annual barbecue here every year.

But the women say they believe the number of people and groups who use The Kymin has dropped over the years.

Mrs Herniman said: “I think its underused, I don’t know why that is particularly.

“When I have come down here, I would just see one group in the building. It is a big building and it’s a shame to just see one room being used instead of it being lively and filled with a variety of groups.

“It would be a crying shame for it to be taken away from the public because it is underused.”

Mrs Gardner, 81, added: “We want to be proactive about this rather than just sit back and not know what’s going on.”

Neither the Vale of Glamorgan Council or Penarth Town Council confirmed or denied that the building and grounds could be sold.

But Penarth Town Council did say they had enquired about the transfer of the site as a community asset.

A spokesman for Penarth Town Council added: “The Kymin is a Vale of Glamorgan Council asset which has been operated for a number of years by Penarth Town Council.

“The Vale of Glamorgan Council are undertaking a “strategic review of assets” which will take several months to complete. Penarth Town Council is waiting to be formally advised of what the Vale’s intentions are for the building and its grounds

“The Vale council advised Penarth Town Council that it would not enter into a transfer of the Kymin as a community asset. The town council had requested to do so in order to improve the facilities for the people of Penarth and future generations.”

Cllr John Thomas, the leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, said: “The council recognises The Kymin is a strategically significant asset for the Vale of Glamorgan as a whole, due to its prominent location in Penarth. Work is currently under way to consider how the Penarth Esplanade area can be further enhanced to deliver attractive uses for the town’s residents and visitors.

“We recognise that there will be many people with an interest in the future of the site and we will continue to engage with the town council, as current tenants, and others as work continues in exploring options. “This will need the council to be creative with our ideas for how the area’s assets are managed at a time of diminishing budgets, as we continue our work to further enhance this important location.”.