THE public are to be given their right to comment on the consultants recommendations to solve the traffic problems through Dinas Powys.

A report from Arcadis Consulting on the four WelTAG Stage 2 options will be discussed at a Review Group meeting scheduled for October 2.

“After any amendments are made the Vale Council will hold a Public Consultation in the village, probably later next month,” said Rod Harrod, chairman of the Dinas Powys By-Pass Steering Group.

“The Steering Group has asked the community council for use of the Parish Hall so that they can hold an open public evening meeting within days of the consultation. This will enable those who can’t make the Vale’s Daytime meeting to be informed and we’ll offer help and explanations if needed.

“It’s vitally important everyone makes their comments loud and clear in writing to the Vale Council at this time.

“We need to drive home that a by-pass option is accepted through to the next stage of the process. It will be no use people moaning later.

“Of course multi-modal proposals can have their place but it is unrealistic to suggest they would ever solve the traffic congestion problem through Dinas Powys without a by-pass and without better park and ride facilities.

“Buses are currently used by just two per cent of commuters. It’s no use putting more on the roads without removing some of the current commuting traffic,” he said.

“Despite all the talk of rail and tram improvements there isn’t any scope to increase the minimal park-and-ride facilities at Eastbrook and none at all at Dinas Powys.

After the Public Consultation, the WelTAG Draft Stage 2 Report will go to the Vale Cabinet.

Members will probably ask their Scrutiny Committee for Environment and Regeneration to give their opinion.

The Steering Group is also seeking to engage Ken Skates AM, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport in talks that could involve private sector developments to help fund a by-pass.

But they’ve been put on hold awaiting the Stage 2 report.