A CAMPAIGNER 20 is Plenty for Sully campaigner won an award for his work, at the annual 20’s Plenty for Wales conference.

Brendan Sadka is one of the members of the 20’s Plenty for Sully campaign which launched in May this year.

The group behind the 20’s Plenty campaign believe that a 20mph speed limit on residential and urban streets will create safer roads, particularly for children and the elderly, encourage healthier lifestyles and help manage traffic levels.

At the 20’s Plenty for Wales conference, the Welsh 20mph Campaigner of the Year award was presented to Mr Sadka, who said he will continue to be part of the 20’s Plenty for Sully campaign.

He said: “The case for a replacing the 30mph default speed limit on restricted roads in Wales with a 20mph limit has a powerful evidential base, clear public support and plenty of precedents in the UK and internationally.

“Moreover, there can be no doubt that making 20mph in Wales is very much aligned with Welsh Government policy and our nation’s public health objectives, most notably the well-being legislation.

“All of this is widely recognised, so all that is left is to break the inertia and get on with it.”

Anna Semlyen, the national campaign manager for 20’s Plenty for Us, said: “Brendan Sadka has brought considerable international experience in both the private and public sectors to our campaign in Wales.

“This has enabled us to strengthen our place in advancing the conversation on 20 mph in Wales in a very short time, and at an important juncture for Government in Wales.

“Brendan’s ability to place the issues in a Welsh context, his detailed understanding of the architecture of Welsh Government, policy and legislation, and his strengths as a communicator, underpin all of this.”

A Campaigner of the Year presentation was also made to Adrian Berendt for his work in the 20’s Plenty for Kent campaign.

20’s Plenty for Us boasts has more than 400 local branches.

For more information on the 20 is Plenty campaign, visit www.20splenty.org.