AFTER being forced to change its name after four years, the former Coffee Compass in Penarth Marina now has its new name - The Galley.

The coffee shop, which is located in Compass House, decided on the name when they first opened, but found out later four years later that a coffee roasting company in the South of England owned the trademark for "compass".

The owners asked if they could drop the word coffee, but were told that compass was the defining word of both businesses, so it may be seen as an infringement.

With a change of name and re-branding needed by October 15, owners Marcus Hill and Craig Pugh took to their customers to let them suggest new names - with The Galley being the most popular name suggested.

The cafe have spent some time getting a new sign and symbol and Mr Pugh said they are excited for some change.

He said: "We decided on The Galley as it was one of the hundreds of replies we received over social media.

"We thought it run well with our current theme of being nautical and aptly named because the size of our kitchen.

"The support has been overwhelming from everyone we really can’t thank them all enough.

"It’s been a very stressful month or so what with our recent break in as well but there’s only one way from here and that’s up.

"We want to win even more awards next year to prove a name is a name and it’s us and our regular customers who keep us in such high demand."

Mr Hill and Mr Pugh say the only thing which has changed is the name of the cafe and customers can expect the same menu, layout and "great coffee".