A COLLEGE pupil from Penarth has been given the Principal's Award for being a model student.

Bethan Hearne went to the Cardiff and Vale College and was one of the highest A-level achievers in 2017-2018, attaining A* grades in Psychology and Biology and As in Maths and Welsh Baccalaureate.

The 20-year-old - who is now studying Psychology at Oxford University - joined friends and families of 34 other current and former students as well as local businesses, education providers and the community for an awards ceremony.

The event was held in the college's city centre campus atrium and students won different awards on the evening.

Miss Hearne won the Principal's Award with other student Tom Harris and said she was shocked by the win.

“I was expecting this at all,” said the 20-year-old. “It was quite a shock but it was nice.

“I was quite a shy person who would kind of stick to the back of the class so it was nice to have to put myself out there and go through the application process so coming to the College was definitely beneficial for me. College helps you become so much more independent and it helped me to believe in myself, so if that’s what people need they should definitely come to college.”

CAVC Principal Kay Martin said: “Every year at the College’s Annual Awards I am astounded by the hard work, determination and courage shown by our learners.

“This year was no exception. In fact, I think this year’s awards event has been the best one we have so far. Some of the stories we have heard have been just inspirational, exciting and motivational – what these amazing young people have done shows the differences colleges like CAVC can make.”