OUR Orchard at University Hospital Llandough will soon be looking blooming lovely thanks to the recent efforts from groups of volunteers who have been digging deep and planting bulbs to flower in springtime.

Nothing quite says spring like a field full of daffodils or a flower bed of brightly coloured tulips. Spring-blooming bulbs always put on a great show, brightening grey days with their vivid, paint-box colours.

Over the past few months, Our Orchard has welcomed many volunteers from First Penarth Scout Group and Lloyds Banking Group. Our Orchard is an entirely donation-funded project to create and maintain an orchard in the grounds of Llandough Hospital in the Vale of Glamorgan, for patients, staff and community.

First Penarth Scout Group Scout Leaders and their executive team brought along 15 young people to help plant hundreds of daffodils around the trees, ensuring that Our Orchard looks great from one growing season to the next.

Volunteers from Lloyds Banking Group came along and dug 114 holes ready for 570 bulbs to be planted. While digging out the trenches, the team found a horseshoe which they named Blackhorse which will be attached to the bug hotel for good luck in the orchard.

The volunteers also cleared a path from the field through the bramble thicket to the woods. They enjoyed working together and making a start start to the ground preparation work for the building of the shelter/bird hide.

Simone Joslyn, head of Arts and Health Charity said: “I’d like to thank our volunteers for their hard work in getting Our Orchard ready for spring. With the planting and clearing work well underway, I’m sure it will look absolutely beautiful as the weather begins to break.”

If you’d like to volunteer at Our Orchard, contact Georgina.burke@wales.nhs.uk

To make a donation to Our Orchard Appeal visit justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/cardiffandvale/ourorchard