RESIDENTS have branded the proposed one-way system on Penarth’s Plassey Street and Windsor Road as ‘ridiculous’.

Last week, it was reported that The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s cabinet was is set to make a decision on the experimental traffic system, which would eliminate a major Penarth roundabout this month.

But Plassey Street residents have voiced their concerns over the proposals, branding them ‘ridiculous’ and ‘folly’.

Keith Little, a resident of Plassey Street, said: “I think it is ridiculous.

“We have standstill traffic every morning during rush hour along Plassey Street and Windsor Road.

“The proposals will just make things worse.

“All the new housing developments this side of Plassey Street are trying to get out this way in the morning.

“You have one road leading out of Penarth to the M4 and Cardiff.

“There’s no other way out. I can’t see that there is any way the council can fix this, there just isn’t the infrastructure.

“It’s obvious that it is not going to work, it would be a waste of money to even try it.”

But another Plassey Street resident, Bat Goddard, said: “To spend £65,000 on an experiment, which in 18 months they could reject, is ludicrous.

“We have the widest street in Penarth here but they want to turn it in to a one-way system.

“We need to stop this folly now.”

Vale council member Geoff Cox, who is the cabinet member for Neighbourhood Services and Transport, has since said a report will be put forward that retains the roundabout and instead looks at enhancing other ideas to solve crossing issues and traffic problems. 

Cllr Cox said: “As the Cabinet meeting date approached, I became more aware of the strength of local feeling associated with the highway option being proposed, hence my decision to defer the report meaning it was not even considered by Cabinet on January 7.

“I have since reviewed the various options further, which has included my meeting with local ward members to obtain their detailed views on all options. I now intend to present an amended report to cabinet on February 18.

“The report will propose that option one in the previous report now be taken forward, which retains the current roundabout though enhances the gateway route into Penarth whilst providing much safer crossing opportunities for cyclists and pedestrians. There is no requirement to complete any spending on this project by the end of this financial year.

“It is very difficult to please everyone with highway improvement schemes but I very much hope that this option provides the active travel benefits we are seeking and is viewed by residents and visitors to Penarth as being the most appropriate.”