THE Vale council has commissioned a study to look at potential options for improving sustainable transport within and between the Penarth and Cardiff barrage.

The WeITAG (Welsh Transport Planning and Appraisal Guidance) Stage One study which will be conducted by consulting and outsourcing company Capita will focus on the potential to increase the use of public transport and reduce road traffic congestion.

It will also seek to encourage a shift away from the use of private cars, increase both accessibility and connectivity and increase levels of active travel in support of associated health benefits.

A spokesman for the council said: “To help support and inform the Stage One appraisal, we would welcome your views on how best these aims could be achieved including consideration of perceived problems, constraints and opportunities associated with travel in this area.”

At the moment, people are able to walk or cycle from Mermaid Quay to Penarth Marina.

The council will be holding a drop-in event on Thursday, January 24 from 1pm to 7pm at the Paget Rooms in Victoria Road, Penarth.

Residents are asked to come along and give their views.