PLANS for the Penarth winter carnival rumble oncontinue, with several new announcements added this week.

There will be open workshops hosted in the days running up to the carnival, exploring activity ideas, making costumes, masks and more.

The workshops, traditionally known as mas camps, are sponsored by Waterloo Tea Rooms and will be attended by carnival artists from the Butetown Carnival. The artists will be at Penarth Pier Pavilion each afternoon from Wednesday 27 Feb 27 to Friday 1 March 1 to help build the Penarth Carnival.

The drop-in sessions are for adults and families, and youngsters under 15 are asked to bring an adult.

Nikki Fogaty, who helps run the mas camp for Butetown Carnival and will assist with the Penarth Carnival preparations, said: “Mas camp is sometimes a bit hectic, but can be great fun. You don’t need any experience, just be willing to join in. Come down with an idea for making a costume and find help. There’ll be experienced carnival makers here, and if you have got material then bring it, but you can just turn up.”

Artists from Penarth interested in being involved in the camp and helping with the carnival are invited to a meeting this Saturday 16 February 16 in the Beat Centre, West Close, Butetown from 1pm to 4pm. They can meet with Butetown artists to plan for the Penarth carnival.

On Sunday 17 February 17 between 1pm-3pm, interested residents can find out more about the festival at the Penarth Pier Pavilion. Members of the group developing the carnival will be meeting to share plans and welcome new ideas.

Carnival organiser Richard Parry is also encouraging Penarth residents to book a day off work to enjoy the carnival on Monday, March 4.

“Give yourself a winter holiday break in your own town,” he said Richard. “There’s no queuing at airports, traffic jams or packing. We’re encouraging as many people in the town as possible to wriggle out of work and make a festival day.”

The festival will take place across Penarth from March 2 to March 5.

A new website for the carnival has been launched. For more information, visit