THE volunteer RNLI crew in Penarth were paged to help the coastguard on Friday 22 February - to help rescue an adrift pontoon, complete with a chair.

A large section of makeshift barge was adrift by the Q buoy and needed to be brought to safety.

The group was called out around 4.30pm to assist.

Penarth’s smaller D class lifeboat placed the pontoon under tow, and together with coastguard rescue officers from Penarth the structure was brought ashore.

With very high tides forecast it was necessary to bring the pontoon on to the esplanade, using Penarth’s two tractors.

The makeshift pontoon posed a shipping hazard to passing craft.

Andy Berry, a member of the Penarth RNLI said: “This was a protracted call for us, with many of the crew not leaving the station until 8pm.

“There was a particularly big tide over the weekend. We believe someone left it above the tideline for disposal, but it was carried off.

“This is the first time to my knowledge that we’ve rescued a chair before.

“At the very least, it’s definitely the first time we’ve rescued a Chesterfield!”

The brown leather armchair was not claimed by the RNLI for their station.

“It’s down to the Vale council to pick it up now,” said Mr Berry.

The Penarth branch of the RNLI is stationed on the esplanade on Cliff Hill, overlooking the marina.

It was established in 1861 and covers part of the Bristol Channel. Penarth Lifeboat Station operates two inshore lifeboats, a B class Atlantic 85 and a D class.