THE campaign to preserve Penarth’s Victorian lampposts has picked up pace, with 934 people now signing a petition to keep the posts in place.

As the Penarth Times previously reported, Victorian lampposts across Penarth are being replaced with modern LED lighting.

Several lampposts were removed on Cwrt-y-Vil Road, with several residents saying they had no prior notice.

Now campaigners have asked that the old posts be left in place to preserve Penarth’s heritage, while the new ones be installed alongside.

Jo Wilson, of King Street, Penarth, is one of the organisers of the campaign.

Mrs Wilson said: “We are now past the time that the contractors were due to come back to remove the Victorian lampposts and there is no sign of them, so I think we have at least made the council think about what they are doing.

“The council have closed ranks and are not talking to us anymore, they have re-made the statement about how it is not cost effective to maintain the old lampposts., but we have no response at all about the possibility of leaving the old ones standing.

“I would like to show the council that we love the old lampposts and that we don’t want them to go if there is any possible alternative.

“It would be great if people decorated their lampposts for St David’s Day and show the council we are proud of our heritage and proud of Wales.”

Mike Clogg, Vale of Glamorgan Council operational manager for neighbourhood services and transport, said: “The majority of new street lighting columns have been installed and we are waiting for Western Power Distribution to transfer electricity supply from old to new.

“Work to replace the others will follow in due course.

“It is not practical to leave the old lamp posts in place once new ones have been installed as they are not structurally safe and would represent an obstruction and hazard.

“Any columns which may be suitable from a structural perspective may be offered to St Fagans National Museum of History.”