A PAIR of Welsh explorers are taking on a tough trek across some of wildest landscape in Europe to raise money for charity.

Claire Ashworth, of Penarth, and Sophie Thomas, of Ynysddu, will be trekking across Iceland later this year.

The pair are taking on the Cancer Research Wales Fire and Ice Challenge, to raise money for the charity.

The trail takes four days to complete, covering distances between 16km and 24km per day. Participants sleep in tents at campsites along the way.The trek takes in extinct volcanoes, great ranges and several river crossings.

Ms Ashworth said: “We are doing this to raise as much money for Cancer Research Wales as possible. This is a local charity to everyone in Wales. Every one of us will be affected by cancer in some way, so as a team Sophie and I hope to raise a total of £5,000 to help fight against cancer.

“If there is any way you could help us achieve this we would be extremely grateful. We may even leave behind a copy of the Penarth Times along the route for someone if you could help us.”

Cancer Research Wales teamed with JT Expeditions for the Fire and Ice Expedition. Volunteers will trek across Iceland starting from Monday September 2.