A SCHOOL had all the rules turned on their heads, when the youngsters took over from adults for the day.

Mrs Daniels, the head teacher of Victoria Primary School, Penarth, and Mr Husband, the deputy head found themselves "replaced" by two children who undertook their duties for the day.

The children had been set a challenge of writing a letter to Mrs Daniels identifying the strengths of the school, while also describing how they would further improve it.

The prize for the best essay for the junior winner was to earn the title of head teacher for the day, while the infant winner seized the position of deputy head.

The children really enjoyed the task and made some excellent suggestions that the school has since taken on board.

Mrs Daniels said she had "a very difficult decision", but eventually chose Isabella Heffer from the juniors and Reilly Gilbert from the infants.

Isabella said: "My day today has been fabulous and surprisingly very busy and active! Mr Gilbert and I have been run off our feet all day.

"We had two meetings throughout the day and both were very productive. The Curriculum Task Group arranged theme week and the logo team finalised the design for the canteen.

"Mr Gilbert and I led two assemblies, which was scary but fun.

"I have enjoyed this experience so much!"