THREE drunk sailors have been rescued from Flat Holm Island by Penath RNLI after they got lost following night out in Barry.

The sailors left a cargo ship moored a couple of off Minehead last night, heading for Barry on a rigid inflatable for a night of drinking.

They had attempted to make their way back from Barry to Minehead at 3.45am, but got lost in foggy conditions in the channel, and were reported overdue to their ship at 7am.

The sailors were found safe but cold on Flat Holm Island around 8.30am by Penarth RNLI volunteers.

Minehead and Barry Dock’s Trent RNLI teams lifeboats were launched first, to assist in the search.

As the search continued two lifeboats from Penarth RNLI along with one from Ilfracombe RNLI launched to assist around 8am.

All five lifeboats carried out detailed searches along the coastline.

After being checked over, the Coastguard 187 helicopter landed on the island to further assess the casualties but it was decided they were well enough to return to land by lifeboat.

All lifeboats have now been stood down and are returning to their relative stations.