A LEISURE centre found a novel way to help raise money – by pushing people in the pool.

Penarth Leisure Centre, Andrew Road, Penarth, accepted donations of £1 to allow children to push swimming instructors into the pool.

The offer was open to any child taking swimming lessons.

Instructor Brian Jones said: “I was pushed in 122 times, which was great fun while also raising funds for Comic Relief.”

The Leisure Centre also put on a sponsored “bike ride”, using an exercise bike in the reception to cycle the equivalent distance of Penarth to the BBC London Studios.

The cyclists aimed to cycle 260km, starting at 7.15am on March 15 and hitting their target by 6pm.

They raised £129.29, leaving the bucket at the centre over the weekend for late donations.

Mr Jones and the Penarth Leisure Centre raised a total of £250.29 overall for Comic Relief 2019.

Friday March 15 was Red Nose Day, in aid of fundraiser Comic Relief.

The charity event raised £63,548,668 for charity, to transform the lives of vulnerable people in the UK and internationally.