THE last week has been another extraordinary one in Parliament, with major Brexit developments.

The PM’s deal was defeated again by a huge margin, and her own Attorney-General contradicted her claims there were legal reassurances on the "backstop".

I voted against the deal because it will make us poorer and less safe.

She was forced to concede a vote on ruling out no-deal thanks to the work of a cross-party team which I’ve played an active part in.

She was then defeated when she tried to weaken that promise.

Parliament has now ruled out leaving with no-deal.

She was forced into extending Article 50, so it’s highly likely that Brexit (if it happens) will not take place on 29 March.

Then, as she dithered about whether to bring her deal back to Parliament for a third ‘meaningful vote’, Speaker John Bercow ruled that unless there are significant changes to what she asks MPs to vote on, she cannot bring it back during this parliamentary session.

Immediately after his statement, there were rumours that the Government would try to get around this by proroguing parliament – which means ending this session and starting a new one - in order to bring her nothing-has-changed deal back again.

I raised a Point of Order, asking the Speaker: "The Government have gained a reputation for trickery and abuse of Parliament during this whole process, and already rumours are going around that they might seek to use prorogation as a method of getting out of this.

"Can you confirm that that would not only provoke a greater constitutional crisis, but also result in us losing every single piece of legislation currently before both Houses, including many of the pieces of legislation needed to implement any Brexit?"

As I write this, we are no closer to knowing what will happen over the coming days and weeks, but the fact remains, we simply cannot have no-deal or a disastrous Tory Brexit and we cannot be seen to facilitate Brexit through a Westminster stitch-up.

Labour is firmly for a People’s Vote on any deal.

I believe the best way to achieve this (among a number of routes) may be the "Kyle/Wilson" compromise that would see a deal proceed, but subject to a confirmatory public vote with a Remain option.

The only way forward is for the people to have the final say.

Otherwise I fear we risk even more division in our country.