A SINGER from the Vale is through to the Cardiff Music Awards.

HANA2K, a singer from Penarth, will be performing during the awards. She has been nominated for ‘Best Breakthrough Act’.

“I found out about the nomination a few months back, but I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone which was really hard,” she said. "I'm used to sharing everything with my friends, and it was this huge secret.

“It’s such a big stage to play, the Cardiff Music Awards– the lineup in terms of genres is so varied, and now more than ever it’s good to see the many different types of music in Wales starting to be recognised and supported.

“I do think my chances of winning are probably pretty low! I just find it weird being nominated at all.

“I’m not bothered about winning, I just love the performing side of things. Singing, and jumping around, just making people happy.”

HANA2K writes and produces her own songs from her bedroom.

At just 18 she already has her own ‘bedroom label’ in Wales, creates her own artwork and is amassing a huge bank of material.

“It started when I was younger, the desire to do it myself – I used to work with a lot of older people when I started out," she said.

“Being quite young isn’t a disadvantage in a music career, but you do have to fight to get your opinion across in a room.

"A lot of people kept trying to decide for me what my sound should be. I wanted to show people what I wanted my music to sound like – so I just produced it myself.”

HANA2Ks self-penned songs often revolve around personal experiences. 

“I write songs about boys who annoy me, mostly! Well, I always orientate the sound of my songs around something personal. But it’s a very pop-driven sound, fun and with a good beat – it’s something you can dance to. Or cry to!

“I’m very excited for the future - what comes next. I’ve just made a music video in London – while there I did a session with Young Jams, the rapper. He just wandered over at a recording studio and asked me if I wanted to join in! So a single with that is in the works.”

The Cardiff Music Awards is a grassroots music project, launched in 2015 without funding.

The event runs from 6pm on Friday March 29, at Cardiff’s Tramshed venue.