A CAMPAIGN has been launched to bring a marina bridge swinging back into action.

In a letter to the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Penarth Marina and Haven Residents Association expressed concerns over the closure of Penarth Marina swing bridge.

In May 2016, the operators of the swing bridge linking the two halves of Penarth Marina closed the bridge. Three years on, operators Penarth Quays Marina and Vale owners have not agreed on a way to bring it back into operation. Gwynne Griffiths, chairman of the association, said: “Loss of this amenity is particularly hard for those without access to a car who rely on public transport.

“There is nothing mechanically wrong with the bridge. It was tested on February 8.

“There appears to be disagreement between Penarth Quays and the Vale over the safety facilities needed to operate the bridge and minimise the impact on neighbouring houses and businesses.”

The Association is now campaigning for it to be reopened.

A spokesperson for Penarth Quays Marina said: “We are obligated to operate the bridge based on an agreement made in 1997, but the bridge was built to standards applicable in 1987. Now, the bridge has several operational regulations like alarm levels – we can’t balance the high level of noise needed for a bridge and the low level needed for a residential area. This is the reality that the council have to consider and resolve.”

A Vale of Glamorgan Council spokesman said: “The swing bridge is maintained and operated by Quay Marinas, who manage the Penarth Quays Marina site.

“It was closed due to a number of safety concerns, with upgrades needed before it can be reopened, including audible warnings.

“The council is currently awaiting the outcome of a noise report following which our health and safety officers and those from Quay Marinas will discuss possible solutions which may enable the bridge to be reopened in the future.”