A GROUP of youngsters from a school in Penarth jumped at the chance to improve their environment, after an inspiring talk.

As a part of their science topic of Habitats, Year Three pupils from Victoria Primary School, Penarth recently had a visit from the National Marine Aquarium.

The aquarium held several fascinating workshops for the children to take part in.

The aquarium made use of cutting-edge technology, including Virtual Reality headsets.

Using the headsets, the children were able to ‘dive’ more than 800m down into the “Midnight Zone”.

The Midnight Zone is one of the deepest, darkest areas of the ocean, and the children had the chance to see the predators and their prey in action.

They also explored the food chains found in the seas and oceans of our world.

They further examined the impact of plastic on these food chains and their habitats.

Following these workshops, Year Three decided to undertake a beach clean on Penarth beach.

Equipment was loaned by Keep Wales Tidy, the Welsh environmental charity.

The youngsters did exceptionally well on their beach clean, collecting three full bags of rubbish in 90 minutes.

They discussed different types of rubbish found, where it could have come from and its impact on the beach habitat and the ecosystem.