A POPULAR venue in Penarth will close in a year, it has been confirmed.

The Kymin, a house and garden overlooking the pier and popular for weddings, had been under threat due to funding constraints, as the Penarth Times previously reported.

Penarth Town Council has now said the site will close next year, and will not take bookings from March 31.

The leader of Penarth council Cllr Rhiannon Birch said: “The town council is proud to have operated The Kymin for the people of Penarth and its visitors for four decades, under a licence from the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

“We had sought a more secure tenure of the site, through Community Asset Transfer or medium-long term lease.

“This would have allowed the financial investment required in the venue but these approaches have been declined by the Vale council.

“With no security of tenure, the council cannot commit expenditure required and has no choice but to close.

“We are proud of the events and hires hosted by the building and the valuable green space it provides in Penarth.

“As the council is no longer able to operate the Kymin, we are now glad to be able to offer community hire space at West House Community Hub, following the improvements to the public community garden under the Penarth in Bloom project.”

Vale of Glamorgan Council managing director Rob Thomas added: “It was entirely the Penarth Town Council’s decision to close the building early and prior to the termination date in 2020.

“The Vale of Glamorgan Council was surprised to learn of the decision to close and leave it vacant for the rest of the notice period.

“The council feels that this decision is to the detriment of those who use the site, local residents and the wider Penarth Community, but the Vale council has no power to force the town council to keep the building open, if they chose not to.”

A group is now being set is being set up concerned residents to help guide the future of the Kymin Park.

Richard Parry, a regular user of the park, has asked anyone interested in the outcome of the park to attend a meeting.

Mr Parry said: "The Kymin Park is an important and lovely part of the town landscape. It is, in many ways, a hidden corner of Penarth with a unique and special character.

"The future plans for the house will no doubt be a subject of local interest and concern, but in the meantime a number of local people have expressed interest in forming a voluntary group called "The Friends of the Kymin Park."

This group would aim to promote enjoyment of the park as public pleasure grounds.

"We'd also invite both councils to keep us informed of developments so that "the friends of the Kymin Park" could also be a source of good information about arrangements of access and enjoyment of the park during the time that the park management negotiations are resolved," added Mr Parry.

"Anyone interested is welcome to come to a meeting on Tuesday at 7.30pm in Foxy's Deli, 7 Victoria Road, Penarth to discuss the formation of a group "The Friends of the Kymin Park", specifically focused on supporting and developing public enjoyment of the park grounds."