THE Department for Transport has rejected a bid to improve access at a Vale trains station.

Councillors for Dinas Powys had applied for funding to improve accessiblity at Eastbrook Station.

They hoped funds would come from the UK government, which created a £300 million fund for its ‘Access for All’ Programme at railway stations.

Community Councillor Chris Franks said: “The idea is barriers to using the train would be removed. Eastbrook is difficult for people with walking difficulties or with little children due to the steep footbridge.

“When Plaid submitted a bid for improvements at Eastbrook we pointed out that although passengers could travel in one direction to either say Cardiff or Barry the return journey could cause problems.”

Fellow Plaid Community Councillor Richard Grigg expressed his disappointment at the decision saying there are too many obstructions in public transport.

He said: “Eastbrook is not the only station that has problems. The level crossing near Brookside is also not fit for purpose.

“Over the years Wales has suffered a massive lack of investment in rail services. This is just one example.

“This is not the end of Plaid’s campaign.”

A DfT spokesperson said: “Access funding has so far improved access to six stations in Wales and 10 received funding in this latest round.

“The funding is granted on the same criteria as elsewhere in Great Britain with the preferences of the Welsh government taken into account.

“Should further funding become available for the programme, we would welcome a future nomination for Eastbrook station.

“We have increased spending on rail infrastructure in Wales in recent years. This includes delivering electrification of Great Western route to Cardiff and contributing to the Cardiff Metro scheme.”