One of the consequences of the Brexit chaos is that there are many issues the Government and Parliament are not spending enough time on, such as benefit changes leading to poverty, or issues like climate change and knife crime.

I’m keeping up my focus on non-Brexit issues though, and have spoken in the Commons on a range of matters including internet safety, plastic pollution and police cuts, all of which affect or matter to constituents in Penarth and Cardiff.

This week the Government announced a crackdown on internet and social media companies over their failure to tackle extremist and terrorist content online, and content that poses a risk to children - after pressure from myself and others on the Home Affairs and Digital Committees.

In response I said: “I’m pleased that they appear to have listened to many of the concerns raised by the Home Affairs Committee, including by me and the Chair.

"I look forward to action on that, but may I press the Secretary of State further on the integrity of our elections, our referendums and indeed our democracy on a day-to-day basis?

"Particularly in light of recent revelations about millions in dark money that is being spent on advertising to influence votes and to whip up hatred against Members of this House, does he not agree that we need action today, rather than wait months?”

I also raised the issue of funding for South Wales Police in PMQs.

I said: “South Wales Police is doing a brilliant job in Cardiff South and Penarth, in spite of pressures, dealing with knife crime, drugs, domestic violence and so much more, but it does not get capital city funding, unlike other capitals, which makes the pressure worse.

"Will the Prime Minister look at this again urgently?”

Locally, I’ve received messages from concerned parents following letters from Penarth and Vale schools about funding and resourcing problems.

This is a complex issue but I share the worry and concern felt by many teachers and parents.

Although education is a devolved matter, the impact of austerity from the UK government over nine years has impacted on Welsh budgets.

I’m already in touch with our local councillor team and Vaughan Gething AM, and personally raised the concerns with the First Minister this weekend.

I’ll provide further information as I have it and suggest concerned parents contact Vaughan Gething AM and local councillors who are best placed to advise on the situation.